Week Beginning 06/06/16 – Practice Report

LO: To understand what must be included in my ‘Programming Project’ Report

Starter: No starter today, continue with the main below


In today’s lesson you are going to put together a practice version of a Programming Project Report. You are going to code a solution to the following problem:


You should produce a report in Word and it should contain these sections!

27/05/16 – Programming Project Preparation

LO: To become confident with the programming skills required for your first controlled assessment

Starter: The need for input and output devices


  • Priestlands Pupils
  • Car Database
  • Online Shop

VALIDATION: Your program should not ‘fall over’ easily. For example if the user inputs a letter and the program is expecting a number then your program should not just crash. Your program should instead warn the user and allow them to re-enter the data. This process of checking that data inputted into a computer program is sensible is called ‘Validation’.

COMMENT LINES: These can be added to your code to indicate the function of sections. This can be done by using an apostrophe (‘). Anything that you type after this will not be executed by the program. Try to use technical terminology e.g. Selection, Iteration, Assignment, Variable

Extension: Mock Exam Revision