Marketing Campaign

What will your advertising focus on? What is your message?

Consider the points below:-

  • Target market
  • Product design and features/USP
  • Company brand image
  • Well-priced (not necessarily the cheapest!)
  • Celebrity endorsement?
  • Slogan
  • Quality of your product
  • Different advertising media
  • A special offer to launch your product


You need to advertise your product using a variety of media, so your campaign should include some of the following:

  • Poster (To be shown in a location of your choosing)
  • Business card
  • A film
  • An Animation
  • Sound

You will present your product and marketing media to the rest of the group on the 9th of December. Your presentation needs to professional so I suggested getting all of your media together and adding it into one Presentation (PowerPoint or Prezi). I also suggest that you practice your presentation before time and make cue cards with bullet point prompts to ensure that it runs smoothly.


Make sure that you have looked at the Marksheet so that you have an idea of what I am looking for.