Learning Objectives

LO: Understand that iteration is repeating a process such as a loop

LO: Understand the process of repeating code a fixed number of times



1.Create a program like the one shown below. What does it do?


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2. How could we count up to number seven instead? Edit your code so it does this

3. What about counting up to number nine? Edit your code so it does this

4. Can you count from 0 to 3 and then show a heart for 3 seconds? For this I would like to create a second loop within the forever block!

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5. Now, let’s count from 0 to 2, show a heart for 4 seconds but this time it blinks, and finally show the word “Go” 3 times.(Hint: To blink you need to clear the screen. Also, all blocks will be used for this challenge)

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Knowledge Check

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