Learning Objectives

LO: Understand selection statements

LO: Understand the ‘if…then…else’ logic block


Click here to open the code window!


1.Create a program like the one shown below. What does it do?


2. Can you edit your program to show the string “Sunny / Warm” BEFORE the “Play Outside!” string

3. Can you edit your program to show the string “Stay Inside…” AFTER the “Raining” string

4. Can you edit your program to display a suitable image AFTER the text. Do this for both the “Raining” scenario and the “Sunny / Warm” scenario. Use the block below to help you…


5. Can you edit your program so it generates a random number between 0 and 3. Your program should then have 4 different weather scenarios; Raining, Sunny/Warm, Snowing/Cold & Windy. It should output an appropriate message for each and the show an icon. The code below will get you started….



Use the this tutorial to help you create a Rock, Paper, Scissors game


Now see if you can get your program onto your Microbit. Use the video below to help you do this!


Knowledge Check

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