Presentation of Coursework

  •  A single narrative document is the most appropriate way to present the work.
  •  This should talk the examiner through how you tackled each of the tasks
  • The report should be well organised and detailed for the top band
  • Print screen evidence should be provided for ALL tasks to prove that you have successfully completed them. In some cases this may be more than one print screen.
  • You should provide a sources log at the end of your report that listed the websites that you used throughout. These could also be referred to in your narrative, for example “Before tackling this task I had to do extensive research. I eventually found a website that was extremely helpful (see source 3) in the completion of this task.”

The examiner would like to see that you have done the following:

  • Followed the instructions thoroughly and accurately.
  • Looked up relevant information to help tackle the tasks– showing initiative and direction.
  • Plans where to go for information, with reasons.
  • Attempted ALL of the sub tasks. If anything is missed, marks must be capped accordingly.
  • All the work presented should contain enough detail to convince that the learner has done sufficient research.

Below is an example from last year for one of the points that they were required to complete…

Research Project Example

High Band Example



Please make sure that you have looked through the marking scheme below in detail before putting your report together so that you are fully aware what the exam board is looking for in order to award top marks

Marking Scheme