1. Algorithm A step by step set of rules to solve a problem
2. Array
A data structure where all the data is stored and defined under one variable name. Each individual variable is given an index by which it can be referred within the array.
A 7 bit character set consisting of 128 characters
5. Boolean A value that can only be true or false
6. Cache memory Quick access memory inside the CPU
7. Character set A group of characters that a computer recognises from their binary representation
8. Colour depth (or bit depth) The number of bits used for each pixel in an image file. The more bits the more colours that can be represented.
10. Compression The process of making the size of a file smaller
11. Constant
A value that cannot change while the program is
17. Fetch-execute cycle This is the process of fetching the instructions from memory, decoding them and then executing them so that the CPU performs continuously
20.High-level language A programming language that resembles a natural language. Each instructions translates to many machine instructions. It is problem based rather than machine based.
21. HTML Hypertext mark up language – a text based system for defining web pages
22. Integer Whole numbers, positive or negative, with no decimal or fractional part
23. Integrated development environment (IDE) Resources supplied with high-level languages to help the programmer
25. Iteration or repetition A statement which makes the program repeat a set of instructions
26. LAN Local area network – confined to one location
27. Metadata Information about the image data that allows the computer to recreate the image from the binary data in the file. This must contain the height and width in pixels and the colour depth in bpp (bits per pixel)
41. Selection The pathway through a program is selected by using a condition to decide on what instructions to execute next
42. Sequence A list of instructions to be carried out in order, one after the other
44. String A string of alphabetic and/or numeric characters
45. Syntax error The rules of the language are broken by the program
49. Variable
A location in memory to store a value that may
change as the program is running